• The Naga Laut will leave port in Padang the evening that you arrive, usually around 6pm, or once everybody has arrived. This will allow you all day to get to Padang. A Mentawai Blue representative will be waiting to greet you at the airport, and bring you to the port. The port is just under an hours drive from the airport. If you arrive early, we will take you to a hotel to relax a little and freshen up until it is time to depart.
  • Then you will have 10 full days of surfing your brains out, fishing, snorkeling, or whatever you feel like!
  • The Naga Laut will arrive back in Padang early in the morning of the last day, usually around 5-6 am. So when booking flights home, anytime after 9am would be safe. Which would allow time to pack, if not done so before leaving the Mentawai’s, and for us to get you to the airport in time for check-in.


What size boards should I bring and how many?
3 boards is generally enough: I always recommend bringing 2 of your favourite all rounders. Then a few days before packing your boards for your trip, check the swell forecast and see if you would need to throw in a step-up, or a step-down.

What if I hurt myself?
In the first instance, your skipper holds a St Johns Senior First Aid Certificate. Further assistance can be reached via use of the satfone +870 776 44 0873; we have the ability to consult direct with doctors in Australia or your own GP. Finally in the slim chance that you would need to be evacuated out, your travel insurance will cover you.

What communications are available on board?
We communicate with other boats and shore bases in Padang via HF and VHF marine radio. The sat phone +870 776 44 0873 is a Byru Marine model and operates via the stable ACES satellite network. It’s a good idea to note the sat phone number from our contact page and leave it with someone at home in case you need to be contacted.

How many waves do you surf in one day?
Depends on swell, winds, movements of other boats in the area and how fit you are! Some days you could easily find yourself having 3 sessions at one location. Other times it is possible to surf 3 different waves in a day.

Is it a long way between locations?
In parts of the Northern area you will find 4 surfable waves in less than a mile radius. Other times it is a few hours steaming between breaks, most of which we do at night.

The people who run Naga Laut are also surfers and as such understand the level of appetite that develops after 3 or more hours of surfing. You will find the dishes served at main meals nutritious, varied and filling. And also delicious! We also make sure there is plenty of fruit available along with snacks such as biscuits and nuts. Some guests like to bring their own special snacks such as energy bars and protein drinks.

What clothes should I bring?

  • As little as possible. You will be onboard for nearly the whole duration of your trip and generally wearing a pair of boardies and a t-shirt (if your are a guy that is!)
  • Few pairs of boardshorts
  • Few t-shirts
  • Rash shirt
  • Toiletries
  • Zinc cream for lips and nose
  • Pair of jeans/long strides
  • Pair of shoes

Other gear?

  • Ipod, Mp3 player
  • Books
  • Magazines
  • Toiletries and basic first aid
  • Reef Booties
  • A few blocks of tropical formula wax
  • 3-4 leg ropes, waves can be powerful and easily break a leash
  • Ding repair kit
  • Surf/ Sun hat