Pete Ceglinski (Seabin Project)

My time with the Naga Laut was sick! I scored more perfect waves in 10 days than I could ever dream of, and I'm still dreaming of HT's.

I have a start up business that is just taking off, I don't have much time for travel these days, I live in the Mediterranean where we get waves only once a month and if I ever need to get my fix of tube time again in only a short period, I would not hesitate to get back on the boat with Frank and the crew!!


Pete Ceglinski

CEO & Co Founder

Seabin Project

Alisdair (UK) August 2017

Hey Frank everything was amazing!! Waves, the crew, the boat,, loved every single second on and off the boat. Margi is an absolute legend man , and food amazing! Thats the exact reason why i booked the Naga Laut again , and i would 100% book again!! Thanks again Frank

James Clark. (Margaret River) Nov '16

The boat “Naga Laut” translation ‘sea dragon’, apt name for a sic boat. Totally sublime crew. Loaded with culinary delights, icy beverages, a daily plethora of snacks. Man its more than ya need for an adventure on the Indian Ocean. Late season 2016 was an epic score, high quality, daily uncrowded burn out surfing sessions, slashing around and getting whipped with some of the best lads you’ll ever meet. End the arvos with a coldie and a fews yarns and a quick troll, and boom, just another 50kg fish for sashimi. I felt blessed to have such a rewarding trip. My wife now knows it’s a no brainer every year, its one of the “Bucket List” things that’s now a perennial fixture.

Cracko (YÉNA Apparel) 2016

So I've been 7 times on the mighty Naga Laut, and will continue to do so! Great food, in-fact fantastic food! Problem is, 4 x meals  per day ya gotta surf to burn it off. So ladies,,, your men come back real healthy lol. Frank and ALL of the crew are rad, they’re like family. The surf, well we always score uncrowded waves! Whether it’s 3 ft fun Burgerworld to heaving HT’s or Bankvaults, there’s something for every one .... My favourite place on boat is the bat cave! YENA for life

RED (Slab Interiors) 2016

First time to the ments!! And it was exactly what I was expecting but better. Firstly the waves were f#@%ing epic and our guide put us in  places where there was only us in the water.  Every day surfed different places and seemed to get better waves as the trip went on. The boat is sick and the crew are funny F#@%ers. You have a laugh every arvo while slurping on an icy can of beer watching the epic sunsets and recovering after 5 or 6 hours in the water and frothing for the next day.  I’ve told the wife that this is trip is gonna keep happening every year. Hahaha!!!  Same boat and same bunch of blokes, all from WA, all legends!,,, Even though they measure wave wrong! Hahaha yeeewwww, Best boat trip I’ve been on.

Sergio Palma (Indo Coco) Nov ‘16

This was my first and hopefully no my last trip on the Naga Laut. I had a great time since they pick me up from the airport. The staff are very professional and friendly, we score great waves and I never surf for so many hours in a day, maybe 8hrs . The boat was comfortable and food was great The crew were very professional and always there to help us. Hopefully I will be there next year. Thanks boys for the good times 

Cory Levene (Australia) Nov ‘16

Thanks again for an all time trip Frank! Our late season trip with the Naga Laut was all time. Frank and Margi found us the best variety of all the waves on offer from mini playground walls to heaving barrels! The food, accommodation and all the staff made sure we were never hungry, unrested in between surfs, un-photographed surfing or thirsty for a Bintang! 

To add to that, the epic times shared with good mates I'd be back onboard in a heartbeat!!! 

Oh and if surfing isn't your thing the fishing isn't half bad either!!!

‘Squid’ Craig Lowe (Australia) Oct ‘16

Thought I'd use this time to write some dets about my trip experience. It's pretty much the time I look forward to that works on my surfing. I feel every time I get there it just moulds all the surfing I've been doing throughout the year into one. And with all Anton’s hard work with getting the pics throughout the trip of everyone's surfing, it's great to study where ya can go better. I've always found it great also with all the laaads that you get together with on the trips. They all seem to mould so well that it has a balance of fun and seriousness to focus on the surfing we want to achieve while enjoying ourselves. And the food!! Dammn it helps so much. Never short on the delicious food that gets pumped out by Boy. It's full on hotel quality which makes for a easy sleep whenever needed to wake up and charge to what the Ments have got on show for us. The time there shows how much we can all push our surfing, so we realise we can all master more quality technical surfing, that will help us when we're back home at our favourite spots.

Craig Munro (Happy Vagabond) Oct ‘14

So my this was my second trip on the famous Naga Laut, once again stoked! 5 mates aboard late season surfed different waves every day from rags rights/thunders region all the way north to bank vaults and the crowd pleaser spot  when of course got flat AkA Burgerworld.  Food was again amazing and over eating was the problem, hahaha. But it's just too amazing! Also the crew are very enthusiastic and love a laugh! For me it was the perfect trip to be out at sea with the lads just after a long term relationship ending with the misses , thanks for the support. Cheers Franko, the crew and lads ! - Cracko

Ravi Witt (Vico, Australia) Oct ‘14

I went on the Naga Laut late season 2014 with a killer bunch of lads. We surfed our brains out 3 times a day enjoying the beautiful waters of the Mentawai. Didit the local surf guide would talk to us and find out what we wanted to do,  then came out and got barrelled with us.  The crew where unreal sharing many jokes with us and prepairing amazing food, even a lamb roast one night, aswell as pizza, fish and some local dishes. I particulally remember one afternoon at a small island down south where I got a really nice deep barrel at a wave Id always wanted to surf. We  had some great sesssions at HT's, Thunders, Maccas and Scarecrows. Near the end of the trip we went to Burgerworld, a picturesque point break which offers fun barrels and endless walls to play on. The fun never stopped. Much thanks to the Captain and Crew for the great times -  Ravi Witt