So you have booked a trip with Naga Laut to the Mentawai's. Why not have a quiver of surfboards, or just that extra one, designed especially for the world's most perfect waves, all ready for you upon arrival. Whether it be your normal shortboard to throw around, or a step-up to handle some juicier stuff. And what better place to try out and fine tune your fresh new stick than pumping Rifles, HT’s, Maccas or Pitstops, or any of the other many perfect wave locations. Your new custom surfboard(s) from some of the best shapers in the world, will be ready and waiting for you when you arrive on the Naga Laut in Padang, Sumatra. All you have to do is grab your new sticks, whack on a new tail pad and wax up! (Astro tail pads available for only $50.) No lugging boards around the airport. No outrageous excess baggage fees. And no pressure dings or worse damage due to negligent baggage handlers. Just a brand new custom quiver waiting for you in Paradise.