Craig Munroe (Happy Vagabond) Nov ‘13

My experience on the Naga Laut boat was amazing. I thoroughly enjoyed the company and reunion of all my old mates from the 90's. We surfed every day great waves, ate great food and drank load of piss. 10 days is the perfect amount of time. The captain and surf guide know their stuff , even though every one thinks they know better, they're wrong! ….He is the man with the plan. I am keen do do another trip this season with the same crew, depending on my travel plans with the misses ....for now I'm off to Peru. Thanks again Frank, Mentawai Blue, Naga Laut, and the crew!! ....peace

Craig Lowe, (West oz) Nov ‘13

I Had the best time with my mate's, and my new found mates, the crew. They made it as comfortable as ever. We couldnt drink the boat out, although we tried, but that was probably because we were all frothing off the waves to be had the next morning. Forgot about everyday day life and just had so much time to focus on our surfing. Every night we laid our heads down, we knew the dreams were never gonna be close to what we were waking up to. Looking forward to the next trip Frank! Thanks mate.

Scott Munro, (Margaret River) Nov ‘13

Thanks Frank for the great trip!! I had the best time ever on your boat. Even though the swell was dropping we still had fun as waves everyday! It would be insane to get swell coz the captain and surf guide are on to it! Food was unbelievable too! I have never had that kind of service in my life, the crew do everything for u! Beds were also really comfortable. I can't wait to jump on it again and get some more barrels at Bankvaults. oooweeee.

Danny Hurst (Australia) Oct ‘13

Thanks to Ben and the crew on the Naga Laut for a fantastic surf trip. Scored pumping waves every day – often with no other boats around. Great boat, great crew, great waves. Oh and great food as well!

Ryan Sloan (Australia) Oct ‘13

I’d done a lot of travelling around the world, but had never experienced the ‘golden ticket’ through the Mentawaii Islands. I was lucky enough to get the chance to explore this surfing mecca with a group of close mates on the Naga Luat.  It was by far the best surf trip we’d ever done thanks to the awesome crew and services of the boys on the Naga Laut. We scored pumping waves, got fed like kings and chauffeured around the beautiful islands to whichever waves were pumping on the day. We scored all the waves you think about when you dream of Indo perfection (Rifles, HT’s and Macaronis to name a few) which is a tick off my bucket list.  The crew on the Naga Laut was all part of the group, having a laugh, sharing stories and looking after us like we were their own.  Didit the surf guide always knew where to go and ensured that we were either getting barrelled or eating. The food was brilliant, getting two breakfasts between early morning surfs, fresh fish or poultry for lunch and the dinners were insane helping us refuel for the next morning. The time spent on the boat was always entertaining, you could chill in your cabin, watch a movie in the lounge or simply sit on the top deck enjoying a cold Binny overlooking the sunset. The trip was cheap compared to other boats, and is definitely the best way to surf the Ments without being landlocked. Thanks to Ben and the entire crew for a surf trip that I will never forget, see you next season!

Babs Charlet (France) Oct ‘13

I jump on the Naga Laut Charter at the last minute to meet up with some Ozzy friends and Ben. Forecast looked good as the late season pumped with big south swell .I realized a dream came true to surf some mental long barrels at Rifles and got some solid HT'S. We surf a whole lot of different waves in between which was all very fun. Our Indonesian surf guide Didit knows the area for decades and he's very safe .I had a awesome journey with all the friend and the crew sharing magic moment on this nice well organized boat !! Thanx again to everybody to give me the opportunity to join you guys!! yewwww )))

Dan Naughton (Australia) Oct ‘13

Food is of high quality and the supply is good. Safety is of high standard and it is a comfortable boat. The crew and captain are experienced and give confidence to the surfers ESP the dingy driver knowing the reefs.

The focus is on surfing and making the most out the waves while chilling out in the evenings.

The planning of surfing with experience is good and the place is somewhere that demands you to come back to every year.

Nathan Moore (Australia) Nov ‘13

Best boat trip I have been on for sure. The crew were way to good to us, the surf guide got us to waves with no other boats around even with little swell we surfed everyday except one, exactly what you want. The chef’s food was unbelievable from the start and every meal just got better and better. I'll be back for sure.
Thanks Naga Laut!

Benni Went (Austria) Nov ‘13

I expected a lot from this trip since it ain’t cheap... but you guys even topped my expectations. I had the surf trip of my life on the Naga Laut. Surfing perfect and super consistent waves for 6 hours everyday. The Naga Laut crew spoiled us better than in any five star hotel! Keep up the good work guys!!!!

Rene Haid (Austria) Nov ‘13

Hi Ben and Frank! Now that I am back home I get a chance to reflect on this amazing trip to the Mentawais with the Naga Laut. For me it has been the best surf trip of my life. Big thanks to the crew for the outstanding and friendly service. Didit’s guiding was perfect, so we scored great waves with no crowds.  Mentawais are the most beautiful islands I have never seen. Personally this boat trip stands for a wonderful combination of exploring, perfect waves, wonderful scenery, good times with mates on a luxury boat.  I could not think of anything better!! Thanks to all of you!! I am definitely coming back as soon as possible!